One Trade. Once a Week. 100% Win Rate.

Matt is one of the best option sellers in the business.

He sells cash secured puts.

He consistently beats the S&P 500 with a strategy that puts the odds in YOUR favor!


Matt’s new service keeps things very simple.

ONE simple trade alert issued every Friday.. You have a 95% chance of winning this trade!
If you are too busy to day trade but still want to beat the market…..then you will LOVE this strategy!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join Us….

1. A real-time trade alert every Friday. This will be on the SAME TICKER every week! Matt explains what he does via an app so that there is no noise or clutter. These are short-term swing trades, typical hold time is a few days. The win rate is close to 100% with an average percentage gain per trade of 1% – 3%.

2. Direct access to Matt. Any questions or help you need.

Who is this service for?

Due to the style of trading, this service is best for people that have a minimum of 25K+ in their account.

It is IDEAL for much larger accounts. The typical subscriber has a minimum of $125k but that doesn’t mean you can’t make profits with a small account. We are looking for small % winners that almost ALWAYS win – of course your profits will be in proportion to your account size.


Pay per WIN!

Matt is so confident in his trades he’s only charging you when he wins!

We charge $50 upfront when you join. But, after that you will only pay $50 when Matt’s Friday trade is closed for a win. These trades are very easy to replicate by subscribers, but it is important to know that you will be charged when MATT WINS. It is up to you to make sure you are in the trade.

This is a novel approach to pricing, but think about it…..if you are in a trade with a $10,000 position and you win with a profit of 3%….you will make $300 – $50 (Matt’s fee) = +$250. If the trade doesn’t win, then you owe us nothing.

Obviously this works best for larger accounts because of the pricing model. We also have a flat fee of $4999 with no charge per trade as another option.